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I am a researcher and associate professor at the Department of History of Science and Ideas at Uppsala University in Sweden. I am also affiliated with the Cultural Matters Research Group at the Sociological Department at Uppsala University.

My primary research interests lie in the politics, practices and technologies of knowledge. I work in the interdisciplinary tradition of Science and Technology Studies. My work draws on sociology, media studies, anthropology, history of science, and cultural studies. My work has dealt with the knowledge production in the biosciences, epistemic standards in education, and exclusion in socio-technical processes.

I am currently engaged in three research projects: the valuation of biomedical knowledge in the project Trials of Value (PI: CF Helgesson); computational and data practices in disease surveillance in the project The Rise of Infodemiology (PI: Francis Lee); the standardization of abnormality in the project Medicine at the Borders of Life (PI: Solveig Jülich).

My work on disease surveillance aims to examine how computer algorithms—seen as social and cultural devices—constitute and value people, disease, and risks in epidemiological practice. Do new ideas about disease and medical intervention emerge with the introduction of new technologies and new data? My work in Medicine at the borders of life deals with the standardization of abnormality through the lens of surveillance of congenital malformations.


I have published in for example Science, Technology & Human Values; Science as Culture; and History and Technology. I have co-edited the volume Value Practices in the Life Sciences (Oxford University Press, 2015). I am currently writing a co-authored monograph titled Trials of Value, which has been contracted by Mattering Press.

I have received research grants for studying the rise of infodemiology (2,7 MSEK), the valuation of biomedical knowledge (3,5 MSEK; co-applicant), for creating a network on Algorithms as Valuation Devices (450 TSEK; PI), and for creating a summer school on Algorithms in Society (230 TSEK; PI).

I am a member of the Editorial Board of the peer-reviewed journal Valuation Studies. I am co-founder of the academic network Algorithms as Devices of Power and Valuation. I have been a visiting scholar at École nationale supérieure des Mines de Paris as well as Lancaster University and University of Edinburgh, UK.

I have worked as director of studies for a PhD program in Technology and Social Change, as well as the assistant director of studies for an international MA in Science, Technology, and Society. I have taught extensively in for example Science, Technology, and Society; Social Studies of Environmental Science; and Gender and Technology. I have developed several courses on the MA and PhD level.

Curriculum Vitae

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