New Year

5 01 2009

This blog has been asleep for a long time now. But it’s not dead. I’m now a father of Reuben, who’s 14 months. I’m working half time on my dissertation and the other half I’m taking care of Reuben.

I’ve finished one article during this year, which has been submitted to STHV, and I have just finished the first draft of a second article. Both of them are about the inscription of social and pedagogical values into digital standards in education. I’m also planning to finish a first draft version of my dissertation for my 80% seminar before the end of January.

Between all these activities, I’m also going to find some time to blog!


Welcome to My New Server: Update Your Bookmarks

29 11 2007

The old Projectories site that I hosted on a computer in my closet is being phased out. The new Projectories site will be hosted on wordpress at This will lead to less work for me, and more reliability for the readers. A clear win-win situation. The new feed URL is Update bookmarks and your feed reader.

Dieting Through History

8 08 2004

I found an interesting blogpost in Boing Boing (Boing Boing: What does Atkins *mean*?) that referenced an article titled The Great Neurotic Art about food and dietary control in history. The article is written by the science historian Steven Shapin.

At the same time, it was widely, if not universally, acknowledged between traditional physicians and their patients that appetite was a pretty good guide to the healthfulness of foods. If you liked it, it probably liked you: the Renaissance and early modern maxim was ‘you should eat what you are.’ If you had a hot and moist complexion, then the foods that suited you best also tended to the hot and moist. (This was one reason cannibalism proved so interesting to dietary writers, since, in theory, no meat better suited to the human constitution could exist. Pork was a distant second.) That is, there were cosmological grounds for concluding that a little of what you fancy does you good.

The Great Neurotic Art

Fresh Start

7 08 2004

Inspired to start blogging again by my friend Mattias over at En Dröjande Blick I’m going to give blogging a new try.

I will try to write about my academic adventures in science & technology studies and issues related to this. Maybe blogging is a good way to stay abreast of developments in academia? Mattias pointed me in the direction of Det perfekta tomrummet where i found a link to Infontology. Maybe a start?