CF Helgesson New Professor at Tema-T

7 01 2009

CFWe’ve been waiting for a new professor in Economy and Technology for several years at our department. Before x-mas the search committee had finally ranked the candidates. The top candidate was Claes Fredrik Helgesson from the Stockholm School of Economics and SCORE. CF Helgesson has a strong interest in economy, medical technology, as well as STS and Actor-Network Theory. He’s going to be a great addition to the department. Now, only the rector and the salary negotiation stand between him and the appointment. If all goes well, he’ll start this summer.


New Year

5 01 2009

This blog has been asleep for a long time now. But it’s not dead. I’m now a father of Reuben, who’s 14 months. I’m working half time on my dissertation and the other half I’m taking care of Reuben.

I’ve finished one article during this year, which has been submitted to STHV, and I have just finished the first draft of a second article. Both of them are about the inscription of social and pedagogical values into digital standards in education. I’m also planning to finish a first draft version of my dissertation for my 80% seminar before the end of January.

Between all these activities, I’m also going to find some time to blog!

The Making of Valid Data, People and Machines in Genetic Research Practice

26 07 2007

I have for a long time thought about writing about when my colleagues finish their defence, and become PhD’s. Well I seem to have forgotten about that in the thick of battle during the semester. Well, now I’m going to start backblogging.

The last dissertation I wrote about was Petra Jonvallen’s book Testing Pills, Enacting Obesity, the next one written in English from the department is Corinna Kruse’s The Making of Valid Data. People and Machines in Genetic Research Practice, which was defended on the 22 of September 2007.

Corinna’s dissertation is a multisited laboratory ethnography about how ‘samples are turned into data that is considered valid and useful by the research community.’ The dissertation dives into machines, norms, ideals, skills, as well as validity, agency reproducibility.

Theoretically Corinna’s study draws on Bruno Latour’s popular concept of immutable mobiles and Karen Barad’s framework of agential realism to discuss ‘various notions of humanness and machineness which shaped scientists’ practices and made the creation of valid data possible.’

A long-time overdue, Congratulations Corinna!

Text Analysis Software

24 07 2007

At the moment I’m starting work on new empirical material, which I hope will yield insights into the discourse of contemporary distance education. The empirical material consists of about 300 articles in PDF-format, a quite large amount of data.

I’m in the process of trying to find quantitative text-analysis software for analyzing these articles for trends in the data (preferably with the possibility to group different documents) for the purpose of providing input to a deeper qualitative analysis of a selection of the documents.

So far I’ve come up with the following freeware programs for Windows. Any other suggestions, please leave a tip in the comments.


Kwic Concordance 


Simple Concordance Program 





MLCT: Multilingual Corpus Toolkit



Open Search Plugins for Researchers

4 12 2006

function addEngine(engineURL) {
if (typeof window.external.AddSearchProvider == “function”) {
} else {
alert(“Sorry, you need a Firefox 2.0 or newer to install a open search plugin.”);

I got tired of clicking three times every time I wanted to search our university library so I wrote a couple of open search plugins so that I could do the searches in the search bar in Firefox: one is for Google scholar with advanced search for humanities/social sciences; one is for the Swedish national library system LIBRIS; one is for finding personnel at my university; and the rest are for searching our university library catalog.

You need Firefox 2.0 to be able to use the search plugins. You can download Firefox 2.0 here. (It might work with Internet Explorer 7, but I haven’t tried it.)

Google Scholar Social Sciences Search

LIBRIS (National Swedish Library System)

Link�ping University Library: Catalog

Link�ping University Library: Databases

Link�ping University Library: Journals

Link�ping University Personnel Search

Sweden’s Top Universities 2005

30 11 2005
Sweden’s Top 11 Universities
1 Karolinska Institutet Stockholm
2 Uppsala Universitet
3 Stockholms Universitet
4 Lunds Universitet
5 Göteborgs Universitet
6 Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan
Chalmers Tekniska Högskola
  Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet
  Umeå Universitet
7 Linköpings Universitet
  Handelshögskolan i Stockholm

According to the Institute
of Higher Education at Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Testing Pills, Enacting Obesity

19 11 2005

pj.jpg A new great STS thesis published from the department. Petra Jonvallen passed her
Ph.D. defense today for her dissertation: Testing Pills, Enacting Obesity
– The work of localizing in a clinical trial
. Petra investigates how
different tools are localized and discipline practice in order to organize work
and produce reliable data. She uses Annemarie Mol’s concept enactment to understand how obesity is done in different ways in the clinical trial.