Academic Production

15 12 2007

Alf Rehn over at Text Sushi has been thinking about academic productivity lately, on one hand he rants on writing books , on the other he wants assistants to do it…

Sarcasm aside, I think these two posts really capture the risks with the publish or perish system. If every academic has to increase their research output there is bound to be people finding ways to circumvent the system: publishing with a mulittude of authors, makings students and assistants do your job, recycling the same ideas in different articles.

The increasing pressure to publish isn’t really an increasing pressure to research… It’s an increasing pressure to find creative ways to publish. Fordist research production… I’m thinking “Word Research Article Plugin”: File -> Export -> Article or “It looks like you’re writing a scholarly article? Do you want to start the Article Wizard.”




2 responses

15 12 2007
Alf Rehn

Just to make it clear, my post about using research assistants really was tongue-in-cheek… But the article about ghostwriting assistants was brilliant!

15 12 2007

Of course it was tongue in cheek. I got it… Sorry I wasn’t clear about my own irony. I agree about the ghost writing article!

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