Book Review: Virtual Migration: The Programming of Globalization

28 11 2007

200711280946.jpgIn the latest number of science studies there is a book review of A. Aneesh’s book Virtual Migration. It seems like an interesting read. From the review:

Aneesh offers us a productive approach by focusing on the kinds of practices that govern the global movement of capital, codes and individual lives … The difference [of the new global order] with the previous orders lie in what he calls ‘virtual migration’ where the work travels while the worker and the conditions of work remain stationary. … The autor shows … that the governance of the otherwise dispersed code and capital in ‘virutal’ work is knit though the ‘rule of code’ or the ‘rule of algorithm’. Aneesh names this ‘algogracy’ to focus on the programming code, which is under-analyzed. Algocracy is ‘a new kind of power’ and a distinguishing marker of the current era of globalization.




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