Top 11 Universities of Sweden 2007

17 08 2007

Here I go again. My posts about Top 10 Universities of Sweden are by far the most popular posts in my blog. I got so many questions about what the best institutions were for xxx (insert your subject here) that I had to remove the possibility to comment on my old entries (here, and here).

For an interesting read about the manipulations of the US University ranking system read David L. Kirp’s book Shakespeare, Einstein, and the Bottom Line: The Marketing of Higher Education, which I reveiwed in no. 15/2006 of Utbildning & Demokrati (Education & Democracy).

Anyway, Shanghai Jiao Tong University has done it again, and ranked the world’s top 500 universities. And as usual I’m interested in seeing what they find out about Swedish universities.

Without further babbling. Here’s the list:

1   Karolinska Institute
2   Uppsala University
3   Stockholm University
4   Lund University
5-9   Chalmers Technical University
    Gothenburg University
    Royal Institute of Technology
    Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
    Umea Univ
10   Stockholm School of Economics
11   Linköping University



2 responses

29 11 2007

Interesting, as all rankings. Social sciences represent a mere 10 percent of the total score, and I guess the arts & humanities are not even measured (unless there are a few academics among the Nobel laureates in literature, like Coetzee). The methodology clearly demonstrates that we social scientists must create new prestigious prizes and awards.

30 11 2007

Hahaha. Definately. We need more prestigious prizes. I wonder if they count honorary degrees. Then you can build a reputation fast.

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