Open Search Plugins for Researchers

4 12 2006

function addEngine(engineURL) {
if (typeof window.external.AddSearchProvider == “function”) {
} else {
alert(“Sorry, you need a Firefox 2.0 or newer to install a open search plugin.”);

I got tired of clicking three times every time I wanted to search our university library so I wrote a couple of open search plugins so that I could do the searches in the search bar in Firefox: one is for Google scholar with advanced search for humanities/social sciences; one is for the Swedish national library system LIBRIS; one is for finding personnel at my university; and the rest are for searching our university library catalog.

You need Firefox 2.0 to be able to use the search plugins. You can download Firefox 2.0 here. (It might work with Internet Explorer 7, but I haven’t tried it.)

Google Scholar Social Sciences Search

LIBRIS (National Swedish Library System)

Link�ping University Library: Catalog

Link�ping University Library: Databases

Link�ping University Library: Journals

Link�ping University Personnel Search




4 responses

5 12 2006

Yet another reason to migrate from Safari to Firefox.

6 01 2007
Peter Giger

Thanks for Google Scholar and Libris and ideas to create some for myself… Perhaps it’s possible to create search plugins for Google Co-op sites…

6 01 2007

Hi Peter & Gustav,
Firefox is a really great piece of software!

Thanks for the feedack. I think it would be possible to create a search plugin for Google Co-op sites… It’s possible to create one for every form on the internet I guess.

15 08 2007

New Libris Search

Gustav Holmberg (as usual) pointed me to the new version of the Swedish National Library Search System LIBRIS. You can…

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