ACSIS: National Culture Studies Conference

16 06 2005

I’m back from three days of wonderful conferencing in Norrköping. It was
the Advanced Culture Studies Institute that arranged the conference. I co-arranged
a session on combining actor-network theory with discourse analysis, and it
went splendidly well. It was really inspring having such an intelligent audience
and session. We had arranged for Marianne Winther-Jørgensen to comment
on the papers, and she did a marvelous job of reading and discussing the papers.

I met my fellow STS/blog person Gustav
(on the picture) at the conference. We agreed that bloggers are charmingly
interesting people, and discussed if it had to do with communicative writing
as a personality trait. I think it might.

Gustav presented a paper at my fiancée Jenny’s session on the
genealogy of food. It seems that food studies and STS might have a lot of interesting
meeting points. I’m thinking about the discussions that me and Jenny have had,
and also about John Law’s writing about foot and mouth disease in Great
Britain. Inspiring.




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