Back from Oslo

18 05 2005

I have returned from the course with John Law and Vicky Singleton in Oslo.
The course was a five-day action-packed adventure (batteries not included).
We had 16 hours of lectures in one week, an ample reading list, and one day
devoted to a very short collaborative research project. I really enjoyed the
lectures by John Law and Vicky Singleton, both of them being very talented lecturers.

It really felt like I had some missing pieces from a puzzle filled in by the
course. Especially the link between Foucault, post-structuralism and ANT was
valuable. The emphasis on material relationality connected with discursive relationality
kind of made ANT’s goals and method clearer in my head.

John Law’s reading of Shapin and Shaffers article ‘Pump and Circumstance’
was also quite extraordinary. It connected Donna Harraway’s remake of
the modest witness to the enlightenment project, and to our contemporary view
of science, as well as Bruno Latour’s slide from Shapin and Shaffers ‘matters
of fact’ to a new focus on ‘matters of concern’. Moving STS
from deconstruction to re-production. Whatever that may come to mean.




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