Online Discourse analysis resource

29 03 2005

I have found a really great resource on discourse analysis! Stef
from Ghent University presents
and compares the major schools within discourse analysis in this neatly
compiled overview

One thing that I’m starting to realize is that the conversation
approach might be too narrow for me, since there seems to be
too little focus on social and cultural context but instead only the context
of the text itself is seen as crucial. From this perspective, the interactional
approach seems more suitable, especially if one brings
in the work of Erwing Goffman under
this umbrella. Nevertheless, I quite like some of the ideas of conversation
analysis, as for instance the notion of sequential implicativeness – the
idea that “each move in a conversation is essentially a reponse to
the preceding talk and an anticipation of the kind of talk which is to follow.
In formulating their present turn, speakers show their understanding of the
previous turn and reveal their expectations about the next turn to come.” (From
the Conversation Analysis section in
Slembrouck’s resource.) I need to figure out if these different approaches
are combinable, and especially so from a multimodal perspective.

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