Nature Space Society: Hayles & Latour

21 11 2004

hayles.jpgOn Sunday I enjoyed Katherine Hayles’ and Bruno Latour’s lectures at Tate Modern. Katherine Hayles lecture was about cellular automata and reminded me about chaos theory. Latour’s lecture was, as always, about science and politics. Both were well worth the time.

Our ideas of nature affect the ways in which we understand many aspects of contemporary life, in relation not only to the environment but also to science, technology, human nature and art.

Nature seems partly produced by social forces, and yet continues to act upon us in many ways (disease, the weather) that resist being reduced entirely to culture and society.

The Weather Project deals with the representation of nature today, how nature can take on social and spatial forms, and how images of nature can be produced by machines and contraptions.

  • What is happening to the concept of nature in the world today?
  • How is it being transformed through the impact of contemporary issues, from genetic engineering to climate change?
  • How do we view the difference between natural and artifice, the authentic and the simulated?
  • Does the difference matter any more?

Tate Modern: Nature Space Society

Via Tesugen.




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