Science, Policy & Democracy

30 08 2004

Two interesting invitiations for conferences have arrived in my mailbox.

Sharing Knowlegde? Exploring
the interfaces between science & society and
the role of science communication

1-2 November 2004, Amsterdam

This conference will explore interfaces between science and society, including
science communication and multi-domain problem solving.

Key issues are:
What are the new roads for science communication: science centres, TV, internet?
How can we incorporate different types of knowledge in the research process?
What are the risks of public communication about science and technology for the public and for politics?
Why should and how can we organise interaction between science and policy?

From the Conference Homepage

Advancing Science and Society Interactions
3-5 February 2005, Seville

This international conference will provide a forum where information on community
based research, carried out in both community and academic settings, can be
shared and developed. It will reflect the social impact and scientific and
democratic value of research from a range of disciplines including social,
natural, physical and technological sciences. This conference will be of interest
to people who are active in, or interested in, the field of community-based
research. Practitioners from non-governmental organisations (NGOs), research
institutes, universities (both academics/faculty and students) and science
and society policy makers are invited to share their experiences.

From the Conference Invitation




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